Farm Village Arc ③ – My first river debut

Another chapter, the longest one so far.
Several parts where you shouldn’t forget that Garigari and skin and bones mean the same thing~

In the middle of being impatient I’ve finally become eight months old.
Using words, even walking have been a success.
Congratulations, me!

But when walking, I can’t let my guard down since my head is still too heavy.
Balance is important, balance is…
I’m also still lisping a bit.
However my teeth have already grown, so I’m able to properly speak with others.

Since passing my first birthday I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to go outside and called out to the back of my brother that was heading outside.
“Shuu, I want to go outside with my big brother!”
A blond headed child from Garigari village, my brother Shuu, is now four years old.
He’s not working yet, but rather plays with the other children and picks up firewood or draws water occasionally. I want to join that group!

“Eeeh. Ryou can’t do it yet. You’ll be tired super fast… “

While picking his nose, he makes a face like he really doesn’t want to do it.
This brat!! We’re the ‘Shuu☆Ryou’-combi, treat me a little bit more nicely!

Oh well, what Shuu said is the truth so I can’t really say anything back.
Sure I can walk, but I’ve got no endurance.
I’ve just been born after all.

“It’s alright, isn’t it. Even if Ryou gets tired, I’ll just carry you on my back.
Ryou, won’t you go outside with me?”
That’s when a warm voice descents from heaven.
W-What an angel! This angel-like child glittering as if he had a halo is Maru, 7 years old.
Even though you’re just skin and bones, you’re amazing!!
After overhearing Shuu and my conversation, throwing me a lifeboat and making my eyes sparkle I nodded my head.

“Then Mom! Today, Ryou is coming with us too! We’re off!”
Whilst mother was already working the field, Shuu called out to her and the ‘Sibling Trio of the End’ triumphantly departed.

Joining with the other kids of the village, we arrived at the riverside. We’re about 15 people.
The youngest me and the next one would be the snot nosed kid, Shuu.
In general the kids were between seven and nine years old.
Before me, the youngest was Shuu.
Usually they play around the outskirts of this river.

By the way, right after leaving home my stamina hit its limits and Maru is already carrying me. Tehepero.
Shuu is picking his nose making an I told you so face, while I pretend not to know.
Hehe, coming this far, it’s my win!

After discovering me, the new member, the village children approached me with a very curious impression. How old are you? Can you talk? Wow–! My brother can’t do it at all.
Etc, etc and so forth, saying their impressions they touched my little, adorable hands.
Fufufu, small and adorable huh. I’m missing the usual roundness of a baby, but…
I’m also a member of Garigari village.

Actually, everyone is just skin and bones.
Maybe you can only join Garigari village if you’re garigari?

We’re so close to the river, why not catch some fish?
Picking wild herbs could also be possible, since we’re close to a mountain…
Let’s all take in some more nutrition!

“Hey everyone, what do you do here? Catch some fish?”
I threw my innocent question at them.
However the surrounding kids stare blankly for a second but then break into a huge laughter.

“No way! The river has deep places and is dangerous, fish are fast and even if you catch them, they’re slippery so you can’t catch them! Ryou says some interesting things.”

Why are they laughing at me so much?
You’re not supposed to catch them with your hands!
Nets, fishing lines –  you’re supposed to use tools!

“Aren’t there… some kind tools?”
“No way! There are only tools for fields!”

Saying that, the girls before me all went “Riiiight?” in sync.
Grrr! That “Riiiight?” was cute, but shouldn’t you just make some simple tools?
Doesn’t the village mayor have some tools for catching fish?
I don’t know who the village mayor is though.

“It doesn’t have to catch many, m-maybe try making something simple…?”

I tried asking timidly.
I mean, they laugh at me each time I ask a question!
“Just a baby that doesn’t understand anything”, that kind of look!

I’m just saying it, but mentally I’m actually older than you!
I might look like a child, but I’ve got the brains of an adult. Amazing, huh!

And just as thought, the village children break into laughter after hearing my question
… looks like it’ll be skipping school, or rather skipping river.

“HAHAHA! Great! Making tools, great! Ryou wants to become a magician! Amazing!”
Magician huh, they’re totally making fun of me.
I don’t want to particularly become one aaanyway.
And I never said anything like that!
I’m not stupid!!
… I-I’ll become timid at this rate.

Seeing my slightly displeased face and being unable to just stand by, Maru patted my head.
Thank you Maru.
Thank you, *sniff*, this kindness brings me to tears.

“It’s only been a year since Ryou has been born, don’t bully her too much.
… and listen, yesterday I asked the village mayor and he said it seems that a magician will come by soon!”

Were the shocking and brief words of the nice Maru.
Hmpf, what kind of “magician”?
Is even my brother going to poke fun at me?
Even though he patted my head?
Just toying with me?
Fine, I’ll scram!

Ignoring my even more sulky face, the tension of the other kids suddenly rose.
“Really!? Awesome! Well, last time they were here was about two years ago, so it’s slowly that time again.”

The village kids were swelling with excitement.
Eh, what’s the meaning of this?
What’s this?
Seeing my baby brows wrinkled, my brother Maru explained it to me.

Apparently, this world has the job of magicians, that try to be useful to everyone livelihood!
It seems that until now when magicians came, they build a water tank, made slow crops grow up and even watered the fields during draught!

Amazing people who solved the troubles of our village. Those are magicians.
Hired by the country, settling the problems is even free of charge.
In case of personal requests of villagers, they also take care of those if provided with payments.

Oh. Seriously. They exist, magicians! Awesome! Awesome, magicians!

… is what you thought I’d say?

I won’t be deceived.
Their magicians are probably just ‘People with advanced technology’.
Don’t you agree?

I guess it’s like that.
That magicians would exist, really everyone you’re such children!
And you just laughed at me? Aren’t you the childish ones? Isn’t that right?
Pupupu, magicians.

Hmm, but this is a chance. I can finally figure out where this place actually is.
I asked father about the name of this country before and his answer was ‘Kastaar’.
What’s that, I’ve never heard that before. Or rather, it doesn’t exist?
As such, I didn’t figure out anything.

But people with advanced technology probably know a lot about the world, I should just ask them. Ask about the things I don’t understand. And that, soon.

Ah, won’t you hurry, magicians! Pupu…won’t you come?

Ah, but before that let’s make some tools for catching fish.
As well as baskets to fill with mountain herbs.
I hate being hungry!

11 thoughts on “Farm Village Arc ③ – My first river debut

  1. For some reason this MC is annoying. She doesn’t believe in magic and magic even after the kids explain to her. Not to mention she already reincarnated into a baby. Not only that, she still doesn’t believe it’s a different world. The language and name of the country would normally be enough proof..


    1. Really??? The MC was just explained by children that magicians build things which is something that can be done without magic. Anyone would be a fool to believe that magic existed just because some 10 year olds told you it was real. Would you believe your 5 year old cousin if he told you Santa was real?

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Would you have kept stubbornly denying the possibility of their existence just because some kid, who happen to live in a different world from earth, told you so? Even when you already know for a fact that you’re now in that same world? Even when you also know that some supernatural force or magic exists because it had already caused you to reincarnate? Anyone would be even more of a fool to NOT believe them or at least question the possibility just because they’re kids, ESPECIALLY when you have already experienced all those unnatural things.

        Since it’s another world, a better question would be to replace Santa with monsters or the demon lord. You’re one of the fools who will die off quick just because you keep stubbornly refuse to face reality and adapt to the new world and keep believing in your Earth’s common sense that magic can’t exist.


    2. Pffft. What most people call “magic” is anything but.
      I have a philosophical quibble with it when you have entire wizarding schools that make an exact science of how to cast spells, have precise ideas of how mana works etcetera, but they do anything but call that “technology.”


      1. Or more to the point. There never is such a thing as magic.
        The word is merely a stand-in to say: “I don’t understand this and I’m a ignorant and superstitious fool.”
        It is entirely an attitude of submission.


  2. The villager don’t know how to catch some fish even though they’re skin and bone?
    I can’t believe this becuase I think when people is hungry, they can even eat soil and before they eat that soil, they will try other thing first.
    Or is this culture shock for me?


    1. If soldiers see no hope, they will fight like beasts, that’s why you always leave what looks like a weakness in your formation when encircling the enemy.

      These people sees hope in the existance of magicians and assume that they’ll be saved


    2. But she doesn’t. All she has to go on is that she does not know the name of the country and can not recognize the language . If I am on a plane and it crashes within the territory of a small country I have never heard of does that mean the country I have just traveled to resides in another universe? If within a year in order to insure my survival I start to pick up the local language that I did not think existed and notice that a lot of the locals seem to believe in magic and sorcery. Does that change anything? No! But at least I know how to avoid offending them by trying to make fun of or even disprove the legitimacy their local wizard.


  3. thanks a lot!
    well now, time to catch some fish! hm, i wonder if they’re really magicians—?


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