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Farm Village Arc β‘£ – Anti-Hunger Plan

Geez, it took me forever to translate this one.

The link and the footnote are two different things, please keep that in mind.Β  I still haven’t solved these things in an elegant way :\

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Part 1 – The reincarnated girl’s childhood; Farm Village Arc β‘  – Poverty after reincarnation

It seems I’ve died. It also seems I’ve reincarnated

I was quite surprised. It was all of a sudden.
On the usual road home from school. Crossing over the lights at green, I received a great shock that sent me flying.

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“High spec highschool girl’s parallel world reincarnation – aiming for a more abundant livelihood!” -translation

I’ll be (trying) to translate this webnovel on this blog.
I read the first part and enjoyed it quite a bit, an easygoing and enjoyable story.

While still far from being fluent, translating this will definitely help me improving my Japanese. Any and all criticism are welcome – let’s hope you’ll have a good time reading this story.
A friend of mine is going to be looking over my posts to edit sometimes, but I wouldn’t count too much on lovvtek in this case. After all it’s to improve myself and he has his own stuff to work on. I also intend to keep it this way, otherwise I’ll just rely on others too much.

If you ever see some random Japanese sentence in the middle of a post, that probably means the sentence before that was difficult to translate and I couldn’t come up with something that satisfied me – anyone who can give me a better understanding of is invited to do so. Actually, please do so.