“High spec highschool girl’s parallel world reincarnation – aiming for a more abundant livelihood!” -translation

I’ll be (trying) to translate this webnovel on this blog.
I read the first part and enjoyed it quite a bit, an easygoing and enjoyable story.

While still far from being fluent, translating this will definitely help me improving my Japanese. Any and all criticism are welcome – let’s hope you’ll have a good time reading this story.
A friend of mine is going to be looking over my posts to edit sometimes, but I wouldn’t count too much on lovvtek in this case. After all it’s to improve myself and he has his own stuff to work on. I also intend to keep it this way, otherwise I’ll just rely on others too much.

If you ever see some random Japanese sentence in the middle of a post, that probably means the sentence before that was difficult to translate and I couldn’t come up with something that satisfied me – anyone who can give me a better understanding of is invited to do so. Actually, please do so.

11 thoughts on ““High spec highschool girl’s parallel world reincarnation – aiming for a more abundant livelihood!” -translation

  1. Getting bought as a fiancee, and then getting kidnapped by bandits who couldn’t sell her off to a whorehouse because she had eyes like a dead frog. Then getting friendly with these same bandits who became her new family, and start to be written as sympathetic? The whole thing was just really uncomfortable to read, to me. No matter what circumstances they had, in the end they were scum who kidnapped a little girl on basically a whim (because hey, being engaged that rich fiance or being dumped in a whorehouse to be fucked thousands of guys for the rest of her life is basically the same fucking thing, right?), and then tried to pawn her off to a brothel but basically couldn’t, and honestly, considering how the girl was in her previous life, and the fact that she joined such scum…


  2. Like hey, I get it. They’re trying to portray that people are still beautiful despite being somewhat hypocritical and paradoxical, but the story still made me want to throw up. Probably because the author didn’t do a good enough job of convincing me that they actually did sort of feel sorry for her when they picked her up. Which is the author’s problem, and not mine. FUCK.

    Honestly, of all the web novels I’ve read on syosetu, this has absolutely got to be the one I loathe the most.


    1. Sorry for the late answer, I’m absolutely awful with wordpress and didn’t want to argue under Anri-sama.
      I really get the feeling that you’re forgetting that bandit guy that ends up standing up for her and sticking to her, playing mother for her. Sure, the author could have done most characters much better, but that person really is the only one who sticks with her and only wants her to be happy and with her through almost two lives now.
      That’s your family right there, isn’t it? And the other bandits, like the head bandit – they’re trying to be revolutionaries. Not a place for children, isn’t it? But yeah, he’s ass about it. He still was the most reliable father figure in her life that didn’t try to exploit her.
      In the end I think our mindsets when reading it were just different. I enjoyed it quite a bit, because bad things kept happening to a silly girl. If you look at the story more seriously, yea you might be right. Hehe, you even read further than me because I stopped reading when the author took a break to write the second part.

      I hope I’ll pick something you’ll like better next time I guess. And that nobody who’s work you really like ever tells you that you’re basically working on trash on your first day, because it’s damn depressing, let me tell you.


      1. “I really get the feeling that you’re forgetting that bandit guy that ends up standing up for her and sticking to her, playing mother for her. ”

        I’m really not.

        “they’re trying to be revolutionaries”

        That kidnapped a little girl, and were planning on pawning her off to a brothel.

        And I don’t think it’s trash. I acknowledge that lots of people enjoyed the story, and found it very lovable. I just found that the author was really lacking in ability in making a slave trader seem like a good guy.

        It felt like it was all bullshit and everybody was a hypocrite. Granted, when I first read the story, I was so disgusted, and shocked that everybody enjoyed it, that I went through every 感想 entry at the time to see if I was crazy.

        Only three entries were outraged like I was, so there you go.


  3. And um, sorry for discouraging you. I was just reminded of my least favourite story, and suddenly went on a rant about it. I think it’s really great that you’re translating the story, and god knows that our community need more variety.

    Or rather, that’s why I’m staying away from action-ey, male protagonist fantasy web novels. I enjoy reading them, but I think there are a lot of other genres that don’t get any love, so I’m really happy about what you’re doing, and hope that you’ll continue. Even if the novel personally made me want to throw up.


    1. It’s alright, reading your comment made me happy enough to make up for it twice already.
      All that’s left then is catching up with the author then, so I can pick something pick up something we both like once I’m done. Time to get back to work then, maybe I’ll be done with it before you finish up Burikko :p

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