Highspec Highschoolgirl

Highspec Highschoolgirl’s Parallel World Reincarnation – Aiming for a more abundant livelihood!

is a Japanese webnovel written by 鳥好きのピスタチオ / Bird-loving pistachio.

Original title: ハイスペック女子高生の異世界転生 より豊かな生活を目指して

A highspec highschool girl’s life is quickly scattered away in a car accident, but is reborn in a fantasy world of swords and magic.
There, Magicians support everyone’s daily existance, but year by year the number of magicians decreases, a world containing various problems. The girl is also reborn as a poor farmer. Relying on her previous world’s knowledge, what kind of way to live will she find, meeting people of different standings – a story about the girl’s growth.

※There will be serious times, but it’s a happy ending. Please relax when reading it.
※For the sake of keeping it interesting, there will be unreasonable parts, but I’d be glad if you watched over her in a warm way.

Table of Contents:

Part 1 – The reincarnated girl’s childhood

Farm Village Arc ① – Poverty after reincarnation
Farm Village Arc ② – My name
Farm Village Arc ③ – My first river debut
Farm Village Arc
④ – Anti-Hunger Plan
Farm Village Arc ⑤ – It was a new village!
Farm Village Arc ⑥ –
Farm Village Arc ⑦ –
Farm Village Arc ⑧ –
Farm Village Arc ⑨ –
Farm Village Arc ⑩ –

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