Part 1 – The reincarnated girl’s childhood; Farm Village Arc ① – Poverty after reincarnation

It seems I’ve died. It also seems I’ve reincarnated

I was quite surprised. It was all of a sudden.
On the usual road home from school. Crossing over the lights at green, I received a great shock that sent me flying.

No way, people fly that easily? I didn’t know~ ☆ is what I thought at that time.

With out the expectation of flying, I just fell down on the ground.
Collapsed, I checked my legs which were bending in impossible ways and was startled. Unexpectedly, I was immediately thrown to the ground, I checked my feet and saw them twisted in unimaginable ways.
A person that came up to me noisily shouted “Shit! Someone got run over!”
The person that ran over cried “This is bad! A person was hit!”
Looks like I’ve been struck by a car. I see! That’s how it was.

Once I understood the situation, I slowly closed my eyes.

I was very sleepy.

That was the last moment of me, the 17 year female highschool student.

And now, I’m sucking on an average looking woman’s boobs.
Though I’m sucking amazingly hard, the milk just doesn’t want to come out!
If I suck like this, my face is bound to look like a turtle’s!
But before that, this woman’s nipples will become so long that they’ll set some Guinness world record.

But I’m hungry.
Still, even if I continue to suck anymore today, milk probably won’t come out.
I gave up on it and curled up to conserve energy.
This woman is probably my mother in this world.

I was taken by the car, died and then apparently reincarnated.
This woman is my mama after reincarnating.
By looking at my mother, I can tell she’s not very well off.
Her skin is dehydrated, eyes are lifeless, and cheeks are sunken in.
Milk isn’t coming out because it seems her nutrition isn’t enough for that.
The inability to produce milk, spells malnutrition for me. That’s the last straw.

With not even a year, I put on a distanced look.

The previous world’s me was, to be frank, well off.
Born as single daughter of a big hospital’s director, a beauty taking after her mother.
And not only her face, exercises as well and most of all excellent grades.
Fufu, it’s embarrassing to say that about yourself?
Not at all. I’m just stating the truth after all! Ohohoho!
I was too high spec, treated like the unattainable goal and didn’t date a single boy but…
Ah I also had few friends…
I-It’s not like I have a bad personality at all, okay?!

…Well, maybe.

At any rate, where the hell is this? As far as father and mothers faces and lifestyles are concerned, this isn’t my previous life’s Japan.

The skin color is a white similar to Japanese skin color, but both mother and father are blond.
Their faces look a bit like they’re sculpted, but not to a too strong degree.
Like a Japanese with a chiseled face who dyed his hair blond, that kind of feeling.

Looking at our houses structure, it’s different from Japanese.
The roof is even made of straw.
We’re living in a house made of wood, earth and straw.
They’re also wearing sandals similar to Japanese ones.

The shoes may be similar to Japanese ones, but the clothes are western style.
Their T-shirt like clothes are loose at the shirttails.
By the way, I’m only wearing a cloth on my bottom.
Come on, show some more consideration!
Just because I’m a baby, pants-only!? I’m a girl!
Is what I thought, closed my eyes and started pondering.

The world is wide. The world is really wide, but… was there such a country?

The past life’s me was really smart, I could remember anything I had seen.
That’s why I thought that looking at my surroundings would lead me to this place’s characteristics, but…
First of all the language, since it would reveal the specific region, but I failed.
They use some words similar to Japanese so I thought that it was just that,
but sometimes there are words I’ve absolutely never heard before.
There is also the way they pronounce the words that’s similar to English and most importantly the grammar is
different from Japanese.

It’s been a month since I’ve been born.
By listening in on my family’s conversations I’ve already grasped the language’s main structure.
Moreover, it’s a language I’ve really never heard before.
To the global me, that even mastered Arabian, this came as quite a shock.
In the first place, Japanese is already quite a peculiar language in the world.
A language that closely resembles Japanese like this, I’ve never heard of that.
Maybe I’m in a really far future Japan? Japanese evolved further into the language it’s now.

Oh well, I’ll eventually understand it some day. Once I learn to speak, I’ll just ask ‘Where is this?’ and ‘Who am I?’ and it’ll be fine.

And then, I stopped thinking for a moment and decided to nap to swindle my hunger.

11 thoughts on “Part 1 – The reincarnated girl’s childhood; Farm Village Arc ① – Poverty after reincarnation

  1. Came here after reading a horrible review on the story, I can say i’m interested so far – its nice to take the opp. route of a mean girl taking over a normal life vs nice girl taking over a villein.


    1. We need a novel where truck-sama outs himself as a kami and is the one responsible for getting the heroes (and others) in action!


  2. thanks a lot—!
    hm, this is pretty interesting so far! the main character sounds very amusing, ahaha!


  3. Looks promising. Thanks for the chapter.

    Just wanted to suggest a correction – ‘Arabian’ isn’t really a language, the closest translation would be ‘Arabic’.


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